XML data that is easily exported to an employment site, such as Monster or Dice.. Also can update Linkedin. Multiple WebBIZcards form an employment website.
July 14, 2024 Privacy
Any number of additional "URLs-pages" are user easily added, and the URL's file suffix names are user modifiable. These pages can be "promotions", "special hobbies", realtors' listings, "music interests"-anything. Wiki, Sidewiki, games, blogs, Twitter-like pages, etc. These user-named URL file-suffixes create a low level of privacy in itself and can be coupled with standard identity security methods. Open-ID can work with most of these URLs.

The data is modifiable and exportable, utilizing XML. This allows standards to be used, such that the page can carry any kind of data which also can be quickly exported and exchanged. This creates many vertical market applications. For example, if one is in the chemical business, the data export can be strictly for that industry. If an IT sales person, product catalogs can be thus exported.