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April 26, 2017 Resume
Chen Sun
713 771 1082


BA--Amherst College, Double major in economics and political science ('76-79).
California Institute of Technology, majored in chemistry ('74-75)

Work Experience:

President of WebAndNet and SunComp, Houston, TX ('88-Present)
  • 10+ years of website designs and sales with worldclass products developed.
  • 10+ years LAN, WAN sales.
  • 7 years CAD/CAM sales.
CAD/CAM marketing representative, Texbec, Houston, TX ('86-88)
Wide Area Networking marketing representative, Systar, San Jose, CA ('85-86)
PC retail sales, Datel Stores, New York City ('82-'83)
Internal operational auditor, Equitable Life, San Francisco, CA ('80-81)